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What Does the Dojo Kun Mean?

Dojo Kun Meaning

1- Seek Perfection of Character

Always try to be better than you were last time, Search for never ending improvement

2- Be Faithful

Follow the path of truth, Be honest with yourself and challenge yourself

3- Endeavor to Excel

Foster a spirit of effort, Try hard at all times and do your best

4- Respect Others

Follow the principles of etiquette, Be courteous to others, In the Dojo always bow to

each other

5- Refrain from Violent Behavior

Use your karate carefully, Avoid conflict, Control your anger and always be in control

of yourself at all times, Don't use karate for fighting use it to improve yourself.

Dojo Kun

English: Seek Perfection of Character!

How to pronounce: Shtots! Jeenkaku kansay nee / sto muru


English: Be Faithful!

How to pronounce: Shtots! Mahkoto no meechee o / mahmoru


English: Endevour To Excel!

How to pronounce: Shtots! Do ryooku no saysheen o / yashinow


English: Respect others!

How to pronounce: Shtots! Ray gi o / omonzuru koto!

English: Refrain from violent behaviour!

How to pronounce: Shtots! Keh key no you o / imashimuru koto!

Simple, Humble and Pure

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