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As members of the AJKA-I, Bucks County Karate School teaches traditional JKA Shotokan Karate. We offer classes for adults and children ages 4 and up.  Parents and their children ages 7 and up have the opportunity to experience their karate journey together as they take class together. Our Dragon Warriorz classes for ages 4 -7 are based on Traditional JKA Shotokan Karate techniques, but are presented as developmentally appropriate tasks that will build the child’s self esteem.



Pursell Sensei has been training in karate for over 18 years and holds a 4th degree black belt in Shotokan Karate through the AJKA-I.  He is also a 1st degree black belt in Striking Shadow Kung Fu. Pursell Sensei has completed the American Japanese Karate Association International (AJKA-I) instruction training program and is a certified instructor through them.  Pursell Sensei is uniquely qualified to teach young people. He was a co-youth leader at his church for many years. He is passionate about using karate as positive influence to help our youth.



Jen Pursell began her journey in Martial Arts in 2002. After earning her 2nd degree black belt in ITF style TaeKwon-do, she joined Stacy and their two older sons training in Shotokan karate. In addition to teaching all ages in TaeKwon-do and Karate, Jen is also a seasoned pre-school teacher with over 10 years experience. Jen and Stacy created the popular Dragon Warriorz for ages 5-7 program at the Doylestown branch of the YMCA of Bucks County. Jen credits the success of their program to their experience in Martial Arts as well as her experience in Early Childhood Education. Making sure that all of the children in Bucks Karate programs gain confidence and self-esteem through developmentally appropriate classes is very important to Jen.


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Rob DeAngelis Sensei - 8th Dan


AJKA-I USA National Technical Committee
Director East Coast AJKA-I Instructor Training Program and International Assistant Technical Director.

Sensei Rob DeAngelis is from Doylestown PA and a graduate of Central Bucks East. Sensei DeAngelis’ passion is to share his love of karate with his students through personalized, motivating and insightful instruction. His focus is on conveying the importance of details and how they come together to produce powerful techniques and confident students. Sensei DeAngelis draws upon over 40 years of instruction, training and competition in the United States and Europe under some of the highest-ranking Sensei in the world.

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