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Be Bilingual In Other Arts

I’m not talking about the language. Expand your knowledge by exploring other

schools and Arts. Once you get rooted in one particular art I suggest stopping in at

some local schools and try them out. I have trained in Shotokan for 11 years. I have

visited and trained at many other Shotokan schools. Every school seems to have their

own flavor. The things I have learned by doing this has escalated my passion and

knowledge of my art so much. I have meet so many great people and cherish my

friendships abroad. I have also taken some Taekwondo, Escrima, Wing chun, Praying

Mantis and some various styles of Kungfu. Everything I have learned through these

other arts has done nothing but reenforce my Shotokan. If you really get down to it

they are all connected in some way.

Here is a list of some things to think about while exploring other schools/Arts.

1. Empty your cup. You can’t take in any more knowledge if your cup is full.

2. Be humble.

3. Have the mindset that you don’t know anything.

4. Give due respect when going into a new school. Remember you are the student

not the teacher.

5. There is no right or wrong. There is only different. Don’t reject or judge a technique

because it is different from what you know.

6. Don’t focus on your strengths but more on your weaknesses.

7. Take it all in. Learn all you can. If a move is a little different then what you know do

it their way.

8. Don’t impose your ideas on the school owners or students. Accept the way they do


9. Don’t brag about what you know and do. The second you do that there will be

endless comparison.

10. Keep a notebook of all the important things you learn. It is very valuable.

11. Always take your white belt no matter what belt color you normally wear. This is

part of humility. Only wear your current rank belt if the Sensei insists.

You will find that some schools aren't very accepting of strangers just stopping in to

observe or train. Even though it offends me to see this you need to do the right thing

and leave.

You might belong to a school that frowns upon going outside the dojo to learn new

stuff. In my opinion that is very upsetting. I can see their point if your new to a art and

not very knowledgeable. But if you have some experience and you have the urge to

explore I think you should.

Go and learn all you can. Meet new people and make your art better. Enjoy the

Journey. Osu

Simple, Humble and Pure

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